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Why Settle for “Ugly” Print-on-Demand E-Com Designs When You Can Easily Create Your Own Professional-Looking Designs in Minutes...
Build Your Own Brand of Products Using “Advanced” Design Tricks!
Over the last year or two, there has been a lot of talk in the ecom space about the ease of selling “UGLY” designs on your mugs, t-shirts and more! It's the same rhetoric that surfaced years ago about how “UGLY” websites were all you needed, or how it didn't matter if your book covers were “UGLY.”

Guess what...they were wrong then too!

Think about it...WHO says, "I want to buy the ugliest mug I can find!" NO ONE! Design matters and as a 25-year veteran of the design industry, I can tell you assuredly–ugly does NOT sell longterm for others and it will not for you either!

As a matter of fact, ALL successful product lines–whether they're t-shirts or refrigerators–require good design (along with quality goods and excellent customer support) to sell because manufacturers know first-hand that UGLY doesn't sell. So if good design (and NOT ugly) is important to EVERY manufacturer of all types of goods, why on Earth would you want to settle for ugly designs?
However...Here is the Challenge...
But I'm not a designer! That's the first thought that comes to many people's minds. Perhaps you're thinking that right now. Well the good news is that you don't have to be...even if you don't have a clue where to begin. 

In "Public Domain Ecom Design, I showed you exactly how I tap into the Public Domain for nearly ALL the designs I create and sell on on physical products. But that's NOT the end of the road for design...it's the BEGINNING! There is SO much more you can EASILY do with design to create AMAZING-looking ecom products and I want to show you HOW!
Advanced Ecom Design
In “Advanced Ecom Design” we will take the ecom design process even deeper, featuring design methods and strategies I use on a daily basis to create professional-quality art for POD products. And while we will continue to access Public Domain images for our art, we will also discover the best additional "paid art" sites to use for commercial projects. And, MOST importantly, you will be able to watch me create advanced, multiple designs, STEP-BY-STEP.
Here Are a Few Before-and-After Examples of What We Will Be Covering (along with much more!)
“Advanced Ecom Design”
Special Offer!
  • FOUR “Beginner Friendly” Training Sessions​that reveal how to easily design and create fun, professional-looking ecom designs, EVEN if you're artistically challenged! I'll even show you the best POD companies to use for your physical products (including all the ones I currently use).
  • Step-by-Step Demos will guide you through the research and design process using easy-to-follow methods and familiar tools. 
  • LIVE-Taught Training and Ongoing Access to the training video replays!
  • Slides PDF formatted for Print.
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
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