“Forget Hiring Designers...Find All Your Ecom Design Content in the Public Domain!”
This Special Offer Ends In...
Cash-In TODAY on the Exploding
Print-on-Demand E-Commerce Market
Using Public Domain Content...
Easily Create Popular T-Shirts, Mugs, Jewelry, Canvas Wraps and More!
In case you haven't noticed...the Print-on-Demand E-Commerce market is exploding, with new types of customizable products being added monthly! Honestly, T-Shirts and Mugs just scratch the surface. Imagine putting YOUR designs on everything from jewelry and canvas wraps to car seats and sneakers! There are literally HUNDREDS of different types of products available to you today...and the world is waiting to buy them from YOU!
There’s only ONE problem...
What to put on all those products! If you're like many people, the idea of creating cool-looking designs that people would actually buy is cringe-worthy. The truth is that most people struggle with design. They're not artists and don't play one on TV. Don't even have a clue where to begin. But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if I could show you exactly how I tap into the Public Domain for nearly ALL the designs I create and sell on lots of physical products?
The Public Domain is E-Com’s Best-Kept Design Secret!
Here Are a Few Designs I’ve Created Using Public Domain Content...
Once You Understand WHAT to Use for Your Designs, the Sky Is the Limit!
Nearly EVERY design I create for my Ecom stores are based on Public Domain content of one type or another. Honestly, once you understand what types of content to look for and what to create with that content once you find it, you'll recognize the power of the Public Domain as a limitless content resource!
Public Domain Ecom Design
In “Public Domain Ecom Design” I will show you my exact process for finding design elements and turning them into Print-on-Demand products that people want to buy! You'll get to see BEHIND-THE-SCENES in my Shopify store for the products I'm creating and which companies I use to make my products. And, MOST importantly, you will be able to watch me create multiple products, STEP-BY-STEP,
so that you can see first-hand how to use Public Domain design content to create your OWN products.
“Public Domain Ecom Design”
Special Offer!
  • FOUR “Beginner Friendly” Training Sessions​that reveal how to easily design and create fun, professional-looking ecom designs, EVEN if you're artistically challenged! I'll even show you the best POD companies to use for your physical products (including all the ones I currently use).
  • Step-by-Step Demos will guide you through the research and design process using easy-to-follow methods and familiar tools. 
  • Ongoing Access to the training video replays!
  • Slides PDF formatted for Print.
Your Teacher, Tony Laidig
Everything Included in “Public Domain Ecom Design” for...
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